Sustainable Community Outreach and Public Engagement (SCOPE)

Beyond Business Profit

Enhancing Peoples' Lives One Project at a Time

SCOPE (Sustainable Community Outreach and Public Engagement) promotes social entrepreneurship and social innovation by working with non-profit organizations and for-profit companies that have social outreach and community impact as a significant part of their strategic missions. We apply a business-centric lens to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of these organizations.

Like the School’s other learning accelerators, SCOPE is student-focused and project-focused, but stakeholders are defined as we go, depending upon the goals of university and school, interests of faculty, students, staff involve, sponsorships, and advisory board oversight.

Unlike many other programs, SCOPE’s vision is not to train non-profit managers. Instead, SCOPE works to create business leaders who pursue careers in either the private or public sector or who want to make a difference in the lives of others around them. SCOPE views for-profit and social-mission goals as complementary at many levels, and takes an experiential approach to understanding this complementarily.


  • Broadening the School of Business’s experiential learning offerings through the development of a “learning accelerator” focused on having positive social impact and making a difference
  • Demonstrate our commitment to community outreach and public engagement
  • Offer unique opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to explore both the power and the limitations of a business-centric mindset