How Major Projects are Created

  • SCOPE directors work with target organizations to develop project charters
  • Project charters consist of several core components:
  • Mission and historical overview of the area of interest
  • Statement of problem and issue(s) to be addressed
  • Targeted outcomes and major deliverables defined
  • Key learning objectives along with in scope and out of scope considerations
  • Key contacts in the organization who will work with the student team

Project Timeline

Before Project Begins:

  • Project charters created, reviewed, and accepted by sponsors, directors, and faculty
  • Student team recruited to work on project(s)

Project begins (typically 13 weeks in duration):

  • Sponsor leads kick-off meeting during first week with team
  • Team begins work on project meeting with each other and faculty
  • Weekly status meetings by team with sponsor through face-to-face, web, and/or phone contact
  • Tollgate or comprehensive review sessions will be conducted by student teams at midpoint and final week of the project
  • Project documents delivered to the sponsor