Social Entrepreneurship in Guatemala


The UConn School of Business, in conjunction with the Social Entrepreneurship Corps, is offering an intensive two-month study abroad program for undergraduate students to work alongside social entrepreneurs in Guatemala. The goal of this program is to have a lasting and profound impact on this impoverished community while teaching our students what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Students engage with indigenous business owners and local consultants to assist with business planning, marketing, and investment decisions.

This program is interdisciplinary and grounded in experiential learning – a hallmark of the School of Business. It shines a spotlight on a wide range of important current topics , including global business, international development, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and human rights issues. The program also provides a unique combination of practice and theory where, for example, students make custom eyeglasses in a village square while simultaneously employing theories of micro-financing, micro-consignment, and micro-savings. In this way, our students are given the invaluable opportunity of putting their theories into practice and observing what happens in a community where such assistance is much needed and much appreciated.

Please support our students’ efforts to learn and practice social entrepreneurship!



Social Entrepreneurship Corps