Special Olympics


SCOPE Program with Special Olympics International

Beginning in 2009, the University of Connecticut’s School of Business began a long-term partnership with the Special Olympics International (SOI) organization to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. It is an unfortunate reality that the discrimination and prejudices faced by people with intellectual disabilities are widespread and span cultural and socioeconomic divides. SOI provides activities for these individuals to reach their personal best while also striving to eliminate this discrimination and prejudice.

The partnership between the School of Business and Special Olympics International offers a unique opportunity for exploring both the power and the limitations of a business-centric approach. Teams of students and faculty from the School of Business and other parts of the University are applying best business practices to SOI with an eye to enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

The goal is to provide more meaningful and wide-reaching experiences for people with intellectual disabilities around the world. In the process of working with SOI, students and faculty are also learning about the human side of organizations that goes beyond the bottom line.

Success here is not measured by profit, but by athletes’ physical and intellectual development, health, social skills, and perhaps most importantly, fun.